Why cycling with us?

Life in Gravel is a project by Life in Travel, Italy's most known bicycle touring and cycling holidays website.
Born in 2007 from Leo's idea and then amplified after the meeting with the punk bike tourer Vero,
Life in Travel has the goal of helping people realize how awesome is travelling by bike, and start to do it.

Cycling Holidays: Wild, Self Guided and guided tour

After having spent years enjoying the best roads of the world, today we want YOU to experience the joy of travelling.
We've created Life in Gravel, cycling holidays and guided tours to discover Italy's best gravel roads, Europe's paths and the Wolrd's most fascinating destinations by bike.

You've already heard about cycling holidays in Italy, and this fascinates you. Do you want to live the adventure on the road,
breath in the Nature and discover amazing destinations riding your bicycle?

Leo e Nala



Cycling in Tuscany, cycling in Lombardy, cycling in Tenerife, cycling in the Dolomites...
Our gravel cycling holidays are studied for every training level and differ in difficulty, duration and destination and are great as your first experience, guided by our certified cycling guides (Guided Cycling Tours),
or with a little help (Self-Guided Cycling Tours), dedicated to whom has already experience in bicycle touring.

Vero e Nala

Life in Gravel will let you discover the pleasure of bicycle touring. In Tuscany, in Lombardy, in Tenerife or on the Dolomites.
You pick the destination and your adventure bike, we will be carrying you on the most exciting roads of Italy and Europe!

Customize your Cycling Holiday

We are passionate and expert bicycle tourers, cycling Italy and the World to discover the most exciting roads to cycle. If you want to organize a custom made cycling holiday, tell us your dream and we'll make it real.

Adventure bike rental

The cycling tours on this site are true adventures: from the long gravel roads to the mountain peaks, offroad touring is the lowest common denominator of our cycling holidays. Rent your adventure bike to enjoy our bike tours at the max!

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