Bouncing aimlessly between the provinces of Lombardy in the early years of her existence, she found her escape route by reaching the foot of the Dolomites in the hope of finding some stability and serenity. The meeting with Trentino destroyed her plans and inaugurated a wandering season that she now trusts will not end at least for the next 100 years.



A youth in the books did not have the desired effect and he never put his head "right". On the contrary, he put on a helmet and set off to travel the world by bicycle... the meeting with Vero made the cycle sickness worse and now, as he got older, he could not help but hire a tow Sicilian called Nala to continue his terrestrial wanderings.



Known among the alpine valleys as "Il Bendo" and recently added to the Treccani illustrated in the definition of the term "Bergamo", our orobic ibex with an unmistakable accent alternates cycle trips with rapid road sprints or even challenging climbs in MTB leaving everyone breathless. Bendo is together a navigation app, an inexhaustible source of mountain ranges and a skilled MTB guide.



Piedmontese by blood, Lombard by adoption and citizen of the world by choice, after a traumatic encounter-clash with mass tourism and some European excursion in classic bicycle tourism, he chose to complicate his life by traveling by bicycle in bikepæcking, preferring the ascent to the flatness, the crunchy gravel to torrid bitumen, among technology accessories hooked here and there, colorful and tiny bags with which he fights every sacred day and in which he carries few clothes and many dreams. Beware of imitations: our man loves to chat with grazing animals.



Born on a cool October morning on the island of Trinacria, after a few days it immediately embarked on its first great journey north. Having landed in the gloomy Po valley landscape in autumn, it threw itself into the arms of the first person who came in front of it to escape from the greyness of the plain, unaware of the joke that fate had reserved for it.

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